Shipping Info

General shipping policy

Shipping is rate based and calculated by weight. We offer service with USPS. We offer a flat rate $3.50 option and the option to upgrade to priority if you like. If your items exceed the weight limit of 1st class you are automatically given the priority option of $6.50. We offer you the opportunity to upgrade to priority but discourage it, as after tracking 1000s of packages have found it to not be any faster.

All orders are freshly mixed to order so we have to operate with a 4 day turn around time EXCLUDING weekends. We work weekends catching up to demand but that is not figured into our turn around time. We do our best to meet demand but due to the popularity and quality of "Da joose" at times we are forced to close the store briefly to stay within that window.

FOB: Our shipping terms for all orders are FOB Origin: We are not responsible for any products once they are handed off to the carrier. FOB origin means "Freight on Board origin" or that possession transfers from Kick Bass Vapor to you the customer when the package is accepted into shipment by the shipping provider such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, or DHL. "FOB origin" indicates the buyer pays shipping cost, and takes responsibility for the goods when the goods leave the seller's, or seller partner's premises.

Due to demand our turn around time is subject to change in the future, you will be made aware of any such changes prior to them being in place.