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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
"V- spot" Vanilla kbv-v spot $7.75 "V-spot" Vanilla Product Details
Arnie Palmer KBV-AP $7.75 Arnie Palmer LOL Tea Product Details
Banana Moon Pie KBV-moon $7.75 Banana Moon Pie Product Details
be oh Be's OMG! KBV-OMG $7.75 Off the HOOK flavor! Product Details
Birthday Cake kbv-b cake $7.75 Birthday Cake Product Details
Blueberry Romance kbv-BR $7.75 Blueberry Romance Product Details
Circus Freak kbv-Circus $7.75 Circus Freak Product Details
Cool Watermelon kbv-watermellon $7.75 Cool Watermelon Product Details
Crisp Cola KBV-cola $7.75 Crisp Cola Product Details
Escape kbv-escape $7.75 Escape Product Details
Hidey Hole Punch kbv-punch $7.75 Hidey Hole Punch Product Details
Hummingbird Nectar kbv-hummer $7.75 Hummingbird Nectar Product Details
Hypno Dreams kbv-hypno $7.75 Hypno Dreams Product Details
Ice Cream (various flavors) kbv-IC $7.75 Ice Cream (various flavors) Product Details
LOL Lem O Lade (All Flavors) kbv-lol $7.75 LOL Lem O Lade in various flavors! Product Details
Momma's Angel Wings Rice Pudding kbv-MAW $7.75 Momma's Angel Wings Rice Pudding Product Details
Monkey Bread kbv-monk-bread $7.75 Good Stuff! Product Details
Morning Dew Soda KBV-md $7.75 Morning Dew Soda Product Details
Peach Mango kbv-P Mango $7.75 Peach Mango Product Details
Pebble Path kbv-pp $7.75 Pebble Path (Rocky Road) Product Details

Display #  
Results 1 - 20 of 27

Latest Reviews

Opinion of Nichole Bakes about:
This has been my all day vape for the past 6 months, I can not get enough. It's crisp and refreshing, all things a great juice should be. BRAVO KBV!
Opinion of Nichole Bakes about:
Received a sample of this along with my regular order of Hummingbird Nectar. The flavor is SPOT on.. Tastes exactly like a sweet tart through and through. Great vapor, and a mild throat hit. If you enjoy fruity flavors, this is a must have!
Opinion of Todd about:
Love it my new all day vape.
Opinion of Richard Buchanan about:
This stuff is great. This is what I now use 90% of the time. I never smoked menthols much before but for vaping I am hooked on this flavor. Great job making a great flavor.
Opinion of Jonathan Cabot about:
Love at first drag. Seriously amazing. Right outta the refrigerator? Im thinking right outta the freezer! Burr but for sure not overwhelming, absolutely perfect. The coolness compliments the cantaloupe's spot on flavor. As of now 1 of my top 3 favorites from KBV (: Delicious 5star vape, Thanks!!!